How can we save our Earth from increasing pollution

How can we save our Earth from increasing pollution - We do not think about earth, nature and atmosphere. These are polluting day by day due to our negligence.

We care only those things which are directly related to us but we do not care about things which are related to whole world.

When matter comes for whole world, nature, rivers, mountains, atmospheres and humanity, we all escape from our responsibilities and think that why should I am only responsible for these.

how can we save our earth from increasing pollution

If everybody think like this then who will care for this hazardous situation? Nobody come from space to save our planet and we all have to move step towards its protection. 

The planet earth and the life on the planet are facing many problems and these problems grew up day by day.

For the survival of our upcoming generation it becomes a real struggle for them. The temperature is rising or we can say global warming is also increases.

The sea level rises because of hotness of the environment. This level of sea submerges many low-laying islands in the oceans.

All of these situations are due to pollution. We have changed our natural lifestyle and adopted modern and luxury lifestyle.

Pollution has gone literally sky high. The life on earth is threatened in every way. Population increases and the demands of peoples are also increases.

They want shelter to live. For making homes they cut the tree and there deforestation takes place.

And deforestation at a fast rate creating all kinds of problems like draught, landslide etc. The oxygen content in the atmosphere is reducing and the level of carbon dioxide is increasing.

how can we save our earth from increasing pollution

We all know that trees and other vegetations have balanced the role of these two gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) in our atmosphere. After knowing the problems of our planet, it is our duty to save it.

We are living in this beautiful planet so it is our duty no one come from outside to save it. Everyone should do as he can and try to change the condition.

The time has come for each the earthlings to take up his responsibility of preserving this planet for himself, others and upcoming generation.

But the habit of the man is that the impact he himself makes on problem is negligible. He thinks that if he uses a highly polluting vehicle it doesn’t make a difference.

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If he cut a tree for himself, it is alright because he thought it is one tree only. He expects others to follow the rules and make a difference.

We know that there should be a general awareness about these things but who will spread this awareness? Of course someone else because everyone is busy in their own lifestyle and their works.

The concentration of carbon dioxide and other green house gases like chlorofluorocarbon are increasing and trap the suns heat and also makes hole in our ozone layer. 

By trapping the suns heat, it produces green house effect and the result is global warming. The sea level is increasing and within a century the habitat land on earth will reduce considerably.

how can we save our earth from increasing pollution

The increased temperature is a very big problem. The use of fossil fuel is the main cause. The CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbon) emitting from refrigerators and air conditioners is another problem.

The using of public transport will reduce the emission from vehicle. But when it comes to the comfort of our own car, we are not ready to adopt these.

Again we are expecting others to act. When we think that an overgrown or obstacle tree spoils the view of the garden or the look of our home.

We talk a lot about the need of forestation and prevention of deforestation. We had to take and give knowledge to others.

In school there should be a topic about earth’s problem and how to take care of it. When we throw waste of our kitchen or of anywhere we throw it on the public.

When a person should throw others also do the same then the public place spills. Think about it. Still we give speeches about waste management and the necessity of keeping our surrounding clean.

Factories are very useful because it provides us many useful thinks but it produces waste material in a very huge amount and they throw it in the rivers and lakes.

how can we save our earth from increasing pollution

And by this waste material aquatic animals like fishes, etc. had died and still dying and the peoples who live at the bank of the river, and after drinking the water they become sick and may be die.

When it comes to our own business we consider the impact negligible. We are so selfish. We can only solve our problems not think once about the other peoples.

We have to spread knowledge abbot ‘how to save our planet from these problems. But when it comes to the solving part of it we expect others to do it.

Some of us are not ready to involve in these types of activities because we think that what can one person will achieve.

We think that if we don’t use the old polluting car, heat difference will it make each and every person should be contributed to the planet as he can. It is by spreading the message or cleaning our planet anyways.

If each person plants a refrains from adding to any kind of polluting, he is doing his bit in saving the earth from each and every polluting object a global warming.

how can we save our earth from increasing pollution

If each person grows one tree and do not destroy the vegetation, he is helping in replenish the depicting oxygen level on our planet and balance all the gases.

As the old age would have it, "drop and drop will fill a sea." So everybody should understand their responsibilities and make the nature clean and safe.

When everyone learn from these responsibilities and teach others about these situations and educate them then we can say that we have move step towards saving our protection.

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