Story of Padmavati

Story of Padmavati - Padmavati was born in Sinhala Dweep (Shri Lanka). In the family of Gandharva Sen, who was a king in the Sinhala Dweep and his queen Champa Devi.

Padmavati was very beautiful and attractive since she was born. She had a pretty and clever parrot named Hiraman. One day, suddenly the parrot flew away from his cage.

And that parrot got caught by a fowler. The fowler sold that parrot to a Brahmin. And that Brahmin took that parrot to Chittor and sold it to Ratan Singh for one lakh rupees.

story of padmavati

The parrot was kept in the Chittor fort. One day, Ratan Singh’s queen put make up and asked the parrot that “Is there any other beautiful woman in the world as I am?”

On this question, the parrot answered that, “The pond in which no swan has ever visited, in such a pond, a heron is assumed to be the swan”.

After listening such a good appreciation of beauty, quality and etc. of Padmini from the parrot, Ratan Singh got enhanced by those talks.

And he went towards Sinhala Dweep along with the parrot in the appearance of a Yogi. He faced many difficulties during his journey and then he finally got there.

The parrot went to Padmini and in front of her, the parrot appreciated the domain, energy, clan, authority, physique, etc. of Ratan Singh.

And the parrot also added that Ratan Singh is the only appropriate husband for her (Padmini) and he reached there enchanted with her love.

story of padmavati

On the day of Basant Panchami, Padmini went to the temple where Ratan Singh was staying. As soon as both of them seen each other, they fall in love with each other.

Then finally, Gandharva Sen started to enquire about Ratan Singh’s clan, kingdom, etc. and after getting satisfied, he (Gandharva Sen) got both of them married.

After getting married, Ratan Singh along with his wife Padmavati, returned to his capital Chittor. There was a person named Raghav Chetan, who was ousted from Mewar by the ruler Rawal Ratan Singh.

He (Raghav Chetan) went to Deli in the court of Alauddin Khilji to avenge his insult and appreciated the charming beauty of Padmini in front of Sultan Alauddin Khilji.

story of padmavati

And he induced Alauddin to invade upon Chittor. Because of this, Alauddin Khilji proceed with the royal army to occupy Chittor and Padmini.

Even after surrounding the fort for eight months, when the Sultan remained unsuccessful in conquering Chittor. He sent a proposal to Rawal Ratan Singh.

The proposal was that if he could see the reflection of Padmini, he would return to Delhi with his army and will remove the enclosure done by his army.

Rawal Ratan Singh accepted that offer and invited Alauddin, as the Sultan saw the reflection of Padmini, he got enhanced by her beauty.

But while returning after witnessing the reflection of Padmini, he imprisoned Rawal Ratan Singh and demanded Padmini in exchange of Ratan Singh’s release.

story of padmavati

After getting information of all these incidents, Padmini made a plan to got Ratan Singh out from Alauddin Khilji’s prison.

She sent a proposal to Alauddin to visit him along with her 1600 female friends. And after listening the offer Alauddin accepted the offer from Padmini.

Then she went to Alauddin with 1600 Rajput soldiers instead of her female friends, who were seated in the palanquins.

After getting entry in the royal Harem of Alauddin Khilji, Padmini wished to meet her husband Ratan Singh for one last time.

Padmini got the permission by the Sultan to meet her husband for the last time. When both the husband and wife were meeting, just then all the 1600 Rajput soldiers rushed upon the Sultan’s army.

And took away both Ratan Sing and Padmini out from there safely to proceed towards Chittor. Ratan Singh got killed along with his brave army chiefs Gora and Badal.

In history Gora and Badal were shown as very powerful and strong soldiers. And after the death of Ratan Singh Padmini performed Jauhar along with hundreds of other Rajput women of Chittor.

story of padmavati

Malik Muhammad Jayasi described the historical story of Padmavati in his composition “Padmavat”. After this, the same story again repeated with some amendments in many books.

Such as Akbarnama (Abul Fazal), Jafrulvali (Haji Uddhuir), Stereo de Magore (French traveller Manucci), Gulshan e Ibrahimi (Firishta), Annals and Antiques of Rajasthan (Colonel Todd) and Nancy ri Khyat (Muhanaut Nancy).

And on the other side famous poet Suryamalla Misan of Bundi and various modern historian have not accepted the story of Padmini.

Rawal Ratan Singh and Alauddin Khilji
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