Glorious story of Maharana Sanga

Glorious story of Maharana Sanga - Maharana Sanga was born on 12th April, 1482 CE in Chittorgarh. His father’s name was Rana Raimal.

When Sangram Singh (Maharana Sanga) was about 27 years, his father died and he became the new ruler of Mewar in the year 1509 CE.

And it is said that he was the most magnificent and splendid warrior among all the Maharanas of Mewar. Maharana Sanga had to face various difficulties to become the ruler of Mewar.

When his father, Rana Raimal was alive, internal struggle started among his sons for becoming the ruler of Mewar and get all the powers.

glorious story of maharana sanga

It is said that once, because of a quarrel, Sangram Singh, Jaimal and Kunwar Prithviraj got their birth documents to show them to an astrologer.

After going through all the birth documents, the astrologer said that, the stars of Jaimal and Prithviraj are favourable.

But the ruling star of Sangram Singh was strongly in his favour and Sangram will become the ruler of Mewar. Hearing this, both the brothers of Sangram got angered and both of them rushed upon him.

And during this fight, Prithviraj wounded Sanga and as the result of that an eye of Sanga got damaged and he became blind by an eye.

Sarangdev, the uncle of Maharana Raimal mediated the fight and silenced them and said that they might not give any weightage to the comments of an astrologer.

And should not fight with each other. But the anger and opposition of the princes got increased and got stronger day by day.

After that, being frightened from his brothers, Sangram Singh was spending his days in isolation with Karamchand Panwaar of Srinagar (Ajmer).

At that time his father, Raimal called him up and made him his successor.

Sanga’s struggle with the Sultan of Gujarat

During the reign of Maharana Sanga, the main reason for the struggle between Gujarat and Mewar was the issue of Idar.

glorious story of maharana sanga

Rao Bhan, the ruler of Idar had two sons Suryamal and Bheem. After the death of Rao Bhan, Suryamal ascended the throne and became the ruler of Idar.

After 18 months of becoming the ruler, Suryamal also died. And then, his son Raimal ascended the throne of Idar.

At that time, Raimal was just an adolescent and his uncle, Bheem took advantage of this and occupied the rule of Idar.

Raimal ran away from there and took refuge in Mewar, and in Mewar, Maharana Sanga engaged his daughter with Raimal.

In the year 1515 CE, Raimal defeated his uncle Bheem with the help of Maharana Sanga and reoccupied Idar.

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As Raimal was made the ruler of Idar removing Bheem, the Sultan of Gujarat, Muzaffar, became very angry and unhappy because Bheem had occupied Idar after his assent.

Angered Sultan Muzaffar ordered the Jaghirdar of Ahmednagar, Nizam ul Mulk to defeat Raimal and throne Bheem again in Idar.

Nizam ul Mulk proceeded towards Idar and as he surrounded Idar, Raimal went away to the hills from Idar.

Nizam ul Mulk followed Raimal from Idar to the hills and at the hills, Raimal defeated Nizam ul Mulk.

As the Sultan got this information that Nizam ul Mulk unnecessary followed Raimal to the hills, the Sultan got unhappy by Nizam ul Mulk and called him back.

glorious story of maharana sanga

After all this, the Sultan appointed Muvarji ul Mulk as the Hakim of Idar. One day, the Hakim of Idar, Muvarji ul Mulk compared Rana Sanga with a dog in front of Bhaat.

As soon as Rana got the information regarding this, he along with Raja Udai Singh of Wagad proceeded towards Idar. They occupied Idar and again throne Raimal as the ruler of Idar.

To take the revenge for what happened in Idar, Sultan Muzaffar sent two separate armies under the leadership of Malik Ayaz and Kiva ul Mulk to invade upon Mewar in the year 1520 CE.

The Sultan of Gujarat also joined this army, but due to lack of coordination among the Muslim officers, Malik Ayaz was unable to proceed ahead and he was forced to move back after joining an alliance.

Sanga’s struggle with the Sultan of Gujarat

During the reign of Sikandar Lodi in Delhi, Maharana Sanga had started to occupy the regions of Delhi, but because of the weakness of his army, he could not defeat the Maharana’s army.

Ibrahim Lodi, the successor of Sikandar Lodi invaded upon Mewar in the year 1517 CE. A fierce battle took place between the armies of both the rulers at a place which is called Khatoli (Kota).

And in that battle Maharana Sanga stood victorious and the Sultan became successful in fleeing away from the battlefield after getting defeated but one of his princes was imprisoned.

In that battle, Maharana became injured very badly, as his left hand was cut off and a blow of an arrow injured his knee and because of that he became lame forever.

glorious story of maharana sanga

Ibrahim Lodi wanted to avenge his defeat by Maharana Sanga. So, he again sent a huge army to defeat Sanga under the leadership of Miya Makhan in 1518 CE. But this time also Maharana Sanga stood victorious.

Mewar’s relationship with Malwa

Medini Rai, a Hindu feudal lord became successful in enthroning the dethroned Malwa’s Sultan Mahmud Khilji II. And because of this, Sultan appointed him as the minister.

The Muslim Emirs of Mahmud Khilji II were very unhappy by sawing the increasing power of Medini Rai and wanted to eliminate him. So, they started to make the Sultan against him by inciting him.

Medini Rai ran away from Malwa and reached to the heaven of Maharana Sanga, where he was given the Jagirs of Gagron and Chanderi.

In the year 1519 CE, Mahmud proceeded to invade Medini Rai and as soon as Maharana Sanga got this news he also gets there with a huge army.

A fierce battle took place between both the armies and the Sultan became unsuccessful in this struggle.

glorious story of maharana sanga

Sultan’s son got killed in this battle and he himself also got injured. Maharana Sanga took injured Mahmud with him to Chittor and imprisoned him for three months.

One day, Sanga presented a bouquet to the imprisoned Sultan, and on this the Sultan said that, “There were two ways of giving something. Either he held his hand up and give it to his subordinate or he held his hand down and gave it to his elder, he was his prisoner, therefore there was no question of a gift, and it did not suit him to spread out his hands like beggars for a petty things such as bouquet.”

On this, Maharana became very happy and with the bouquet Maharana granted half region of Malwa to Mahmud.

Sanga was died by getting poisoned by one of his chieftains at a place named Kalpi at the age of 46 on 30th July 1528 CE.

Maharana Sanga was a very brave and glorious fighter in our history. He was also a grateful and imperialistic ruler.

It is said that at the time of his death, there were 80 bruises of blows of swords and spears were present in his body. But even after being a brave and capable ruler, he cannot be called a skilled politician.

Because, releasing an enemy after imprison is a very grateful act with point of view of kindness, but it is not good in political point of view.

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