Spider Man: Far From Home is now on big screen

Spider Man: Far From Home is now on big screen - Spider Man: Far From Home is an American superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics and also the very next movie after The Avengers Endgame. Based on a well known Marvel character Spider Man.

spider man: far from home is now on big screen

Which is co-produced by Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. This movie is the 23rd (twenty third) movie of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

This movie is directed by Jon Watts, and the story is written by Chris McKenna. This movie has the same cast that we had seen in the Spider Man: Homecoming or in any other Spider Man related Marvel movie.

The cast makes room for Tom Holland as Peter Parker aka Spider Man, Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya, Smulders J.  B. Smoove, Jon Favreau, Cobie, Marisa Tomei, Martin Starr, Jacob Batalon and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The movie is in cinemas and simply rocking. Because it is the first movie by Marvel after Avengers End Game and everyone wants to know what is going to happen in Peter Parker’s life after the death of his mentor Tony Stark.

spider man: far from home is now on big screen

And the other reason of the success of the movie is, the fan following of Spider Man. Spider Man is one of the most famous characters from Marvel Cinematic Universe. Almost all the children love to see him in his action comedy avatar and are loving it.

The story is too good, that shows a man with superpowers named as Quentin Beck aka Mysterio comes from the other universe for help or we can say the multiverse to stop and destroy the elements army. He said that these elements had killed his family and he is here to save the earth.

During this time, Peter Parker went to a field trip organised by his school. Where Nick Fury comes to meet his to take him on a mission.

And there he meets Quentin Beck aka Mysterio and they both made a team to fight different elements who appear unexpectedly in different places.

spider man: far from home is now on big screen

Nick Fury gives Tony’s glasses to Peter which gives him access to the Stark tower and to all of his machineries.

After the battle with those elements, Peter gives those glasses to Quentin Beck because he thinks that Quentin is more worthy to handle them and use them for mankind.

But instead of this he shows his real face and start destruction with his superpowers and those machineries and equipment.Then a fight takes place between both of them and finally, as always, the hero wins.

The storyline is great and the visual effects are too good. And all the other, parts of the movie also contribute as expected to make this film look and feel like real.

By October 2016, discussion for the sequel of Spider Man: Homecoming has begun. And by 2018, the cast and others, such as writer, directors, etc. got final for this film.

spider man: far from home is now on big screen

In July 2018, Tom Holland reveals the title of the sequel film of Spider Man: Homecoming. The film has grossed over $580 Million and became the sixth highest grossing movie of 2019.

The movie is a full dose of action and adventure with the comedy of Peter and his best friend.

This is a must watch movie and is in your nearest cinemas. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and watch it to see what is happening to Spider Man after the Endgame.

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