Avengers Endgame fantastic movie with an emotional end

Avengers Endgame fantastic movie with an emotional end - Finally, today is the release date of Avengers Endgame and all the question will be answered by this movie.

Marvel has given us the magnificent and satisfying end of the Avengers series in the form of Avengers Endgame the fourth part of the Avengers series and is the 22nd film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo

The first Avengers movies was release in the year 2012 but the debut of Thanos in his official villain Avatar is shown in the previous movie “Avengers Infinity War” which is released last year (2018).

In which Thanos made a huge destruction to the humanity and also to the Avengers team which made them angry. Half of them disappeared by turning into dust.

avengers endgame fantastic movie with an emotional end

In Avengers Endgame, the superheroes left after the snap are fighting Thanos for making all the things right and bringing back all of the peoples. The story is awesome, linked with the past movies of the Avengers.

The Movie (Avengers Endgame) will focus on all the 6 original Avengers which were Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.

With these original Avengers this movie has a strong or we can say an important part of Ant Man and Captain Marvel than others.

Movie is full suspense and surprises that you will be glad to know about. All of the characters done their roles very nicely.

And what can I say about the direction and the editing. Simply, it will blow your mind.

Music is very nice. Cinematography is also done very well. The movie is so advance and all of them, all the cast, the crew had done their roles very admirably as expected.

This movie is related to all the Marvel movies from Iron Man (2008) to Avengers Infinity War (2018).

So if you have not seen them yet, watch them before this movie or you will not get anything. You will say “Why all this happening?”

Avengers Endgame not only has a fight between Thanos and the Avengers but it also has pretty interesting things.

Like time travelling, Dr. Hulk, bulky Thor and many other which will not let you to miss a single scene and you will not get bored.

It has everything, action, ambition, comedy and so on that all the audience want to see and they need. So I think it will be loved by all of you.

The final battle will be the most fantastic thing about the movie, Thanos and his Army versus all the Avengers and their Army.

I know you want to know that why I mentioned all the Avengers, so I will not answer that, the movie will answer you itself.

And also Iron Man and Captain America has a very-very interesting roles but Tony Stark and Black Widow sacrifice themselves for the world and Captain America is now a senior citizen. So the Avengers lost all of them.

avengers endgame fantastic movie with an emotional end

And another interesting thing in this movie is that Captain America is using something which belongs to a God and Iron Man made another Infinity Gauntlet and places all the six stones on it to defeat Thanos.

By this movie it is clear that Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) are not going to be in any other Marvel movie because two of them died and one gets old because he goes back in time and stayed there forever, we can see him in climax of the movie.

And if you will wait for any post credit scene in this movie, so you will get disappoint because it does not have any post credit scene. So maybe this will be the end of the Avengers.

In the end I want to mention that you must have to see this movie. If you are a Marvel fan because it will entertain you and most probably, make you cry.

So what are you waiting for go and get your tickets for the movie now.

Avengers Endgame fantastic movie with an emotional end
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